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Welcome to Warrior Martial Arts Peterborough

The only Martial arts facility in Peterborough to be awarded the MASA mark of excellence.  

0026SW_WP_box_ISKAOur Martial arts academy is run by established Martial artists with the aim to provide the highest level of Instruction in all styles of Martial arts under one roof to enable you to not only focus on training the body, but spiritual well being as well. Our Martial arts training programs are ones that will appeal to absolutely everybody who wishes to start their martial arts journey or enhance their existing skills.

Training with Warrior Martial Arts Peterborough

At Warriors Peterborough we aim to make your Martial arts experience a total mind and body workout.
Whether you want try a Martial arts discipline for the first time or continue your journey of personal development, be a World Champion, Professional Fighter or perhaps just get fit, we can offer experienced friendly Martial arts training classes to suit your needs at our custom built training academy.

6 reasons to train with WP:-








All our Peterborough Martial arts classes are designed to make you feel comfortable to train with people just like yourself.

Specialist Instructors

We are the only Martial arts academy in Peterborough to offer dedicated instructors for all styles we teach. With classes such as MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), Muay Thai, KickBoxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and more you are assured to find the right martial arts style to empower and enhance your life.
All of our karate and fitness Instructors at our Peterborough Martial arts academy have been handpicked for their technical excellence and depth of knowledge of their Martial Art style, as well as their great teaching ability. All of the styles taught remain true to their purest form.

No age limits to beggining Martial Arts training with Warrior Martial Arts Peterborough

We have specialist martial arts classes for children and adults alike at our Peterborough martial arts club from age 5 yrs upward to 85.

MMA Cage Training

We are the only Mixed Martial Arts training centre in the Peterborough area with an MMA cage built specifically for true Mixed Martial Arts training.

The cage can be used during classes or can be booked for use outside of MMA class.

Parkour Free Running Classes

Parkour Free Running classes are now available for all ages and abilities. See timetable for all our Parkour Free Running classes in Peterborough. Our Parkour Free Runningclub caters for children and adults of all abilities and fitness levels.

FreeStyle KickBoxing Classes

FreeStyle KickBoxing classes are available for Children and adults to learn the art of KickBoxing with Senei Joe Wright a black belt 4th Dan. KickBoxing classes are a great way to keep fit while learning a true martial arts. To find class times for our KickBoxing classes please see the time table.

Martial Arts Class times

Classes are frequent and varied at our Peterborough academy so you will always find a Martial arts karate,fitness class that you can fit into your day or evenings and we are open at the weekend too.




Martial Arts Classes:

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